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Your first step towards healthy and perfect teeth.

Your first visit  takes approximately one hour. In this first visit, we will comprehensively examine your teeth, make X-rays and prepare a treatment plan for you, including a price calculation.


What awaits you for the initial tour?

  • An hour-long treatment to evaluate your teeth completely.
  • We will make X-rays including the overall - panoramic.
  • We will talk about your problems and wishes and find solutions.
  • We will create a detailed treatment plan including pricing.
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Initial examination or any other treatment in our country does not hurt

You don't have to worry about the first tours in our country. The entire treatment is painless and friendly so you'll feel like you're sitting in a café rather than a dental chair.

The entire treatment takes about an hour, during which we will professionally evaluate your teeth. We make individual X-rays, including a complex panoramic view, and create a detailed treatment plan. It will describe in detail the procedure and prices of the treatment.

You'll always know exactly how much you'll pay for. We do not have contracts with insurance companies because they do not allow us to do the best job. We don't want to use average materials and technologies when we know we can offer you more. And we hope you'll appreciate it.


At the Smille Clinic, we provide everything from straightening teeth to repairing them to dental hygiene and bleaching. We use modern technologies and procedures. S breaking down the myths that the road to a healthy and nice smile must hurt. It doesn't have to. We'll convince you that with a sensitive, painless approach.

Why go to the entrance tour just to us?

  • We use modern materials and technologies.
  • Our dentists will explain everything in detail.
  • You will never wait for treatment with us.
  • You can park conveniently near our surgery.
257 941 296

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