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RTG examination

Be confident about the health of your teeth!

X-ray examination with the help of 3D computer technology allows the doctor to diagnose even minor tooth damage. As a result, it also detects surplus or wedged teeth or fractures. The diagnosis can be found in no time.


Why should you go for an X-ray examination?

  • Detects small caries and caries in hard-to-reach places.
  • The x-ray will also show wedged teeth, cysts or fractures.
  • Early examination will allow the doctor to treat damaged teeth quickly.
  • Taking pictures is absolutely painless and safe.
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RTG will discover your tooth  damage in time

Taking X-rays is absolutely painless and protects your teeth from the spread of caries that the doctor could not detect with the naked eye.

You don't have to worry about radiation exposure. The digitization of the devices has significantly reduced the dose of X-rays and during the examination you will also get a protective apron. As part of the X-ray examination, we will also take a panoramic image that will allow the doctor to check both jaws and all teeth in them. An intraoral scan will then help us to investigate poorly accessible areas.

At the Smille Clinic, we will examine you with state-of-the-art equipment and  You will be examed by an experienced dentist. We'll explain the diagnostics in detail and answer all your questions.


At the Smille Clinic, we provide everything from straightening teeth to repairing them to dental hygiene and bleaching. We use modern technologies and procedures. With their help, we break down the myths that the road to a healthy and pretty smile must hurt. It doesn't have to. We will convince you that this is a sensible, painless approach.

Why go to us for an X-ray image?

  • In addition to classic X-rays, we will also take a panoramic picture.
  • Our devices are 100% safe and emit minimal X-rays.
  • Taking pictures is fast and completely painless.
  • You'll see the diagnosis immediately.
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