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Prevent problems and have the health of your mouth under control!

Keep your teeth healthy with minimal intervention from your dentist. Preventive dental examination is essential to maintain a healthy teeth and the entire oral cavity.


What is included in the preventive checkup?

  • Check for caries, sensitive necks, tartar and pigment.
  • Examination of gums, bleeding and bone loss.
  • Check the condition of older restorations and prosthetic work or implants.
  • Scanning the entire oral cavity, salivary glands, mucous membranes, lymph nodes and tongue.
  • Take bite or panoramic X-ray images.
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Preventive examination is the basis of healthy teeth

Problems in the oral cavity are not necessarily manifested by pain. Regular dental checkups will keep you in control of the health of your mouth and teeth and help detect any disease in time. Early treatment is always easier and also less time and money consuming.

Get a regular dental checkup twice a year and keep track of what's going on in your mouth. At the Smille Clinic we will thoroughly examine your entire oral cavity and take X-rays. Thanks to them we check not only the condition of the teeth but also the bones.

Our doctors treat patients sensitively and explain everything to you.In addition to careful mouth control, they will also advise you on how to clean your teeth properly and how to care for the entire oral cavity.


We use modern technologies and procedures. With their help, we break down the myths that the road to a healthy and pretty smile must hurt. It doesn't have to. We will convince you that it is possible with a sensitive, painless approach.

Why go to our preventive check-up?

  • Thoroughly examine the entire oral cavity including the gums and tongue.
  • We'll make X-rays that reveal hidden problems.
  • We will conduct a preventive examination sensitively and completely painlessly.
  • You can easily park near the surgery and not wait for the exam.
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