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Dental hygiene
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Because clean teeth won't get sick.

Did you know that up to 95% of bacteria remain in the interdental spaces? With dental hygiene we will clean everything carefully. Using ultrasound and hand tools, we remove tartar, pigmentation, bacteria and coating, which is responsible for tooth decay and gingivitis. If you undergo this procedure twice a year, you have won over dental problems.

  • Removes tartar, coating, and bacteria.
  • Prevents tooth decay and gum inflammation.
  • Removes pigmentation and polishes tooth enamel.
  • Keeps your teeth in good condition & nbsp; over the long term.
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Dental hygiene keeps your teeth healthy

Are your gums bleeding while brushing your teeth, or are they more sensitive to a combination of hot and cold dishes? Gingivitis may come inconspicuously. However, it can also result in complete loss of teeth.

The risk of dental caries and inflammation will be greatly reduced if you thoroughly remove the dental plaque from the teeth and thoroughly clean all interdental spaces. That is why it is important to regularly attend dental hygiene. At our clinic we will provide you with professional care using the latest technology.



We'll take care of your teeth

  • We work with cutting edge technology.
  • We use only modern methods.
  • We will remove the tartar carefully and thoroughly.
  • We'll tell you how to care for your teeth.
  • You leave with a feeling of perfectly clean teeth.
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