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Drilling teeth no longer means stress! Confide in the hands of thoughtful doctors.

Tooth decay is the most common problem that annoys the human mouth. At our dental clinic, we approach our customers very sensitively and we really make sure that they leave with a smile on their lips.


Why shouldn‘t  you wait long for & nbsp; caries treatment?

  • Treating caries at an early stage is simple and gentle.
  • Advanced caries can be very painful.
  • Tooth decay can severely disrupt hard dental tissue.
  • Advanced caries treatment may be associated with complications.
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How do we treat caries?

Our aim is to treat caries always in the beginning, when sharpening is much easier and more gentle for the tooth. While we will remove the spoiled tissue with a drill or an air abrasion tool, local anesthesia will ensure painlessness throughout the process.

In addition, we know how to treat tooth decay very carefully even if it is located near the root of the tooth. Using a fiberglass insert, composite resin or other material will protect the dental nerve so you don't have to worry about any pain.

Are you concerned that your seal might be visible? You don't have to. You can hardly recognize it yourself. Photo composite fill material ensures a beautiful and natural smile.


To keep the restorations in good condition, it is important not only to clean them regularly, but also dental hygiene. Make sure that dental care can be sensitive and considerate.

Why have caries treated at our clinic?

  • We treat patients sensitively and thoughtfully.
  • Before treating the surrounding tooth, we desensitize.
  • We will remove the spoiled tissue gently but thoroughly.
  • We use high-quality photo-composite material.
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