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Replaces the missing tooth quickly and painlessly.

Have you lost your tooth? Don't despair. A dental bridge can easily and quickly replace several teeth at the same time. There is no need to interfere with the jaw as there would be in case of implants.


How does the dental bridge fasten?

  • We perform the procedure under local anesthesia when you feel no pain.
  • The dentist will choose the teeth that will carry the bridge, treat it and grind it.
  • They will then make a makeshift bridge to fill the site temporarily.
  • It imprints the jaws, casts the exact model, and selects the appropriate color.
  • The final bridge is first tested and then painlessly fastened.
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Dental bridge will help in case of loosing a tooth

In case of tooth loss, the dental bridge serves as a fully functional substitute. Unlike dental implants, however, the doctor does not interfere with the patient's jaw.

The application of the bridge consists in the abrasion of the surrounding healthy teeth, on which the crown structure bearing the replacement of the missing tooth is subsequently mounted. But you don't have to worry about anything. The treatment is done under local anesthesia, during which you feel nothing.

If a tooth is lost, the empty space needs to be filled as soon as possible, as this could cause the remaining teeth to shift in the jaw. At Smille Clinic, we will make a makeshift bridge first. In our laboratory, we will take extra care to ensure that the final dental bridge matches the natural shade of your teeth. You won't even recognize tooth replacement in the mirror.


We break down the myths that the road to a healthy and pretty smile must hurt. It doesn't have to. We will convince you that it is possible with a sensitive, painless approach.

Why go to our dental bridge?

  • We'll explain everything and you'll never wait for an exam.
  • We only use high quality materials and high technology.
  • Making and deploying dental bridges in our country does not hurt at all.
  • The resulting bridge will be & nbsp; indistinguishable from the surrounding teeth.
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