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Frequently asked questions

Recruiting new patients?

Yes. We still accept new patients. If you want to join 60,000 satisfied clients, please book at least 10 days in advance. Call us at 257 941 296 or fill out the contact form.

How does the entrance tour take you and how much does it cost?

The initial examination costs CZK 1,500 and lasts approximately an hour. During this time, we will discuss your wishes or problems, review and expertly evaluate your teeth, make all X-rays, including panoramas, and create a plan for the next steps. None of this will hurt you. The developed treatment plan will also include pricing of individual treatments. You'll always know exactly how much you'll pay for.

Do you have contracts with insurance companies?

We don't. We do not cooperate with insurance companies because we do not want to be limited in terms of the quality of materials and technologies used. At the Smille Clinic we have a simple rule that makes our work easier - we just use the best. However, cooperation with insurance companies does not allow this. We would have to make many concessions and use the materials, technologies and procedures that insurance companies pay. But we want more for you. And we believe you too.

Will the treatment hurt me?

It won't. The treatment is performed completely painlessly by the application of local anesthesia. You do not have to worry about visiting with us.

Can I undergo surgery under general anesthesia?

In some cases, more complicated procedures are performed in analgosedation, which is more suitable for the body than general anesthesia. With it, you will sleep peacefully during the treatment without feeling anything. After the procedure you will not remember anything and you can leave with the other person. You do not have to be in the office for several hours, as is the case with general anesthesia.

How often should I attend a preventive dental examination?

We recommend that you attend twice a year to detect early caries or other diseases

Can I park with you?

You can park easily in the shopping center Nový Smíchov. It is located next to our clinic and allows free parking for up to 3 hour

Can teeth whitening damage the enamel?

Laser surgery whitening, which we perform, is subject to the strictest standards and does not have any negative effect on the enamel. It will not harm your teeth in any way.

How many times a year is dental hygiene advisable?

We recommend dental hygiene 4 times a year. If this is too time-consuming for you, you should go for it at least every 6 months.

We'll take care of your teeth

  • Our team will do everything for your maximum satisfaction
  • Your doctor will first explain each step
  • Thanks to our expertise we will perform the procedure with a new method
  • We use materials of the highest standards
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