Vzhledem k aktuální situaci způsobené virem SARS-CoV-2 žádáme naše pacienty o dodržování následujících pravidel.
Přeobjednejte se pokud máte rýmu, kašel, horečku, zažívací obtíže.
Na kliniku choďte bez doprovodu, zabráníte tak zvýšené kumulaci osob na jednom místě.

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Get a beautiful smile without worrying about unsightly wires!

Transparent braces INVISALIGN are so discreet that others won't even notice them unless you mention them yourself. Unlike fixed devices, you can remove them and put them back at any time. And you don't have to worry about whispering or complicated tooth brushing, which require lingual braces attached to the inside of the teeth.

Price of treatment Invisalign for adults often ranges between CZK 55,000 - 89,000. However, if only a small tooth shift is required, prices could range from 40,000 CZK.



Why should you try INVISALIGN invisible braces?

  • They are not visible, they do not whip.
  • You can easily remove them at any time.
  • They are comfortable and easy to clean.
  • You will receive a new one every 14 days.
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Transparent braces straighten your teeth quickly and unobtrusively

INVISALIGN invisible braces are used by over 3 million people a
Famous celebrities, such as Tom Cruise, Eva Longoria, Serena Williams, or Justin Bieber, also owe their perfect Hollywood smile.

And how does it all go? First we take the toothprints and create a 3D 3D treatment plan in ClinCheck®. So you can see what your teeth should look like in the end. Then we will make a set of transparent custom braces. Every 14 days you get new ones to match their changing teeth and speed up the straightening process.

The big advantage is that you will know the exact time needed to compare the teeth in advance. Part of the plan is the exact number of correction foils.


At the Smille Clinic, we provide everything from straightening teeth to repairing them to dental hygiene and bleaching. We use modern technologies and procedures. using them to break down the myths that the road to a healthy and pretty smile must hurt. It doesn't have to. We'll convince you that it goes with a sensitive, painless approach.

Why go to us for invisible braces?

  • We use modern technologies and materials of the highest standards.
  • We'll explain everything in detail and you'll never wait for an exam.
  • We'll show you what your teeth will look like after treatment.
  • Transparent braces will be made-to-measure starting at $ 60 per month.
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